Research: AHADIAN, Center for Pain

Listed in Issue 88


AHADIAN, Center for Pain and Palliative Medicine, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla 92093-0924, USA,, describes acupuncture in pain medicine as an integrated approach to the management of refractory pain. The acupuncture nomenclature is gradually permeating medical literature, and concomitantly the artificial barriers to integration of allopathic medicine and acupuncture are dissolving. Patients are increasingly looking to their physicians for help in integrating acupuncture in their health care, and pain physicians are accepting the challenge. As allopathic medicine, acupuncture is an intricate and detailed diagnostic and therapeutic system. For practising physicians, mastery of the skills necessary for the safe and affective treatment of many conditions is well within reach. Used in an integrated medical model, acupuncture is well suited to deal with many of the functional problems that allopathic medicine is not equipped to address. The result is patient and physician satisfaction.






Ahadian FM. Acupuncture in pain medicine: an integrated approach to the management of refractory pain. Current Pain and Headache Reports 6 (6): 444-451, Dec 2002.

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