Issue 14 August 1996


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  1. Psychotherapy and Bodywork

    Allan Rudolf

  2. Harnessing the power of a grain of sand - Case studies of silica

    Dr Angela Jones

  3. Editorial Issue 14

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  4. BUQI: An introduction to a new Chinese healing system

    Dr Shen Hongxun

  5. Shen Tao Acupressure

    Eliana Harvey

  6. Practical Meditation

    Steve Hounsome

  7. A Guide to Meditation

    Swami Shivapremananda

  8. Intentionality in Alternative Medicine

    Ruth-Inge Heinze, PhD

  9. Truth will out

    Leon Chaitow, ND DO

  10. Alternative Medicine - Definitions

    Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

  11. Anthroposophical Medicine

    Donald Watson

  12. Park Attwood Clinic - An individual approach to health care

    Glyn Lewis

  13. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Lynn Toohey, Ph.D.

  14. Psychocreative Fasting and The Art of Inner Medicine

    Patrick Lee-Howard

  15. Letters to the Editor 14

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  16. The role of soft tissue work

    Mario-Paul Cassar

  17. Thai Traditional Massage

    Maria Mercati

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