Improve Effectiveness of Healthcare Questionnaire

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Integrative Health Trust
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Complete this questionnaire and possibly win a Kindle

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The British College of Integrative Medicine offers advanced skills training and academic study of Integrative Healthcare.  This combines the best from conventional and complementary medicine, with emphasises on the patient-practitioner relationship, and a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and self-help techniques.

Spend a few minutes completing this questionnaire so that we can improve the quality of healthcare delivery, by ensuring that the most relevant courses are available for the public, practitioners and healthcare professionals to look after themselves and the people in their care.

Everyone who completes the questionnaire will be entered into the draw to win a Kindle.

In the following course details, Integrative Medicine (IM) is defined as "an holistic approach that combines orthodox medical diagnostics and treatments, evidence-based CAM, psychological and spiritual support, nutrition, self-help and self development techniques".

Complete this questionnaire and possibly win a Kindle


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