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Hypnotherapy Training International
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 Dr John Butler
Transforming Therapy


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We have been attentively following official statements regarding when the current lockdown conditions might be eased.  The picture is unclear given uncertainties about the data and its interpretation within the medical science community so that it is not possible to provide a definite date for commencing face-to-face training courses in London. 

We are looking forward to teaching our face-to-face training course when that becomes possible again.  In the meantime, in 2020, we will offer online hypnotherapy training in a high-quality format so that existing students and prospective students can continue to study hypnotherapy despite the present circumstances.


Advanced Hypnotherapy Training with HTI of the UK

  • Up to 300 hours of expert classroom tuition in addition to guided home study and practice.

Our diploma level programme consists of 4 courses providing you with 200 hours of “hands on”, expert classroom tuition in addition to guided home study.  These courses are:

These courses are based on over 25 years of proven experience of teaching hypnotherapy and over 35 years of successful clinical practice.  The courses are designed to teach you the knowledge and skills required for successful practice in the field of hypnotherapy.  Without serious training that is based on proven “real-world” experience of clinical practice the chances of long-term success as an effective, ethical hypnotherapy practitioner are slim.



This training programme is for you:

  • If you wish to pursue a career in clinical hypnotherapy
  • If you wish to add hypnosis to your current practice, for example, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, medicine, etc.
  • If you wish to succeed in your personal goals and self-development.



Clinical Hypnotherapy

HTI Clinical Hypnotherapy 2020

Clinical Hypnotherapy  

£795.00   Next Course: 8th -13th March 2021   Cost includes course materials


Hypnotherapy Skills for Life Change (HSLC)

HTI Skills for Life Change 2020

Hypnotherapy Skills for Life Change (HSLC)

£795.00    25th-30th January 2021    Cost includes course materials


Medical Hypnotherapy (MH)

HTI Medical Hypnotherapy 2020

Medical Hypnotherapy (MH)

£695.00   30 Nov - 5 Dec 2020   Cost includes course materials


Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy (AAH)

HTI Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy 2020

Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy (AAH)

£695.00   23rd - 28th November 2020    Cost includes course materials


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