Cancer is Curable Now workshop

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Start Date
May 12, 2012
End Date
May 12, 2012
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Cancer is Curable Now

Saturday 12 May London E1 6RU

Sunday 13 May Cheshire SK5 6NX

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Cancer is Curable Now

Cancer is curable NOW workshops happening in the UK on 12th and 13th May.  There is a very special event coming up in London and Cheshire that will support  awareness about removing the causes of cancer, and empowering them with the top alternative cancer treatments available today.

Marcus Freudenmann, director of the film “CANCER is curable NOW” and author of the book Healing Cancer with Common Sense will be coming to the UK in May to present a powerful, life-transforming workshop designed to wake people up to the fact that there are hundreds of options available to them for healing, and there are things that they can do right now to start and support the healing process..

In this workshop Marcus will show you the top 12 most effective cancer treatment options available today.

Marcus and Sabrina spent almost three years travelling around the world searching for and interviewing experts in the field of alternative cancer treatments.

Anyone who wants to prevent cancer, who has been newly diagnosed or is currently undergoing treatment will want to be at this event. If you care for, or work with cancer patients, this workshop is MANDATORY. It's time to bring COMMON SENSE back into the treatment of cancer and all other degenerative diseases.

If you haven’t seen the film as yet, you can check out the preview online here:

Further Information

Saturday 12 May: The Brickhouse, 152c Brick Lane, London E1 6RU

Sunday 13 May: St Agnus Church, 551 Gorton Road, North Reddish, Cheshire SK5 6NX

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Book NOW and receive a £12 discount as Early Bird. Door Ticket will be £24

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