Botanica2018 Celebrating Herbs & Aromatherapy

Education, Innovation and Inspiration

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Start Date
Aug 31, 2018
End Date
Sep 03, 2018
Essential Oil Resource Consultants
Rhiannon Harris
Telephone Number
00 353 1 2164222


Botanica2018 - Celebrating Herbs and Aromatherapy


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31 August - 3 September 2018 at University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.


Botanica 2018


Why Botanica2018?

The overwhelmingly positive response to Botanica2012, Botanica2014, Botanica2016 confirm that an independent and rich platform of exchange is desired by aromatherapists, herbalists, researchers, scientists. medical professional and distillers alike. this is coupled with the need to access current and pertinent information for their respective fields of expertise to enable them to forge rewarding future in plant medicine.

The wonderful momentum gained from the previous three events now boosts us into preparing for Botanica2018 that is set to be even more relevant unique and inspiring.

The themes for Botanica2018 are

Education, Innovation & Inspiration.

The goals of Botanica2018 are to:

  • Promote and publicise the use of plant-based medicine in clinical settings around the world.
  • Foster international exchanges of research and clinical information.
  • Encourage collaborations between practitoners, providers and researcher to ultimately improve health, well-being and quality of life.
  • Facilitate access to producers and retailers of excellent quality products for the herbal and aromatic industry

Meet the Organiser

Botanica2018 is organised and hosted by Rhiannon Lewis. An experienced aromatherapist, educator, author and editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy, Rhiannon has a longstanding and ongoing passion for plants, their extracts and their potentials for improving health and well-being.

Her background in healthcare (nursing), education and publishing has enabled her to effectively share her knowledge, experience and skills with professionals working in diverse clinical settings around the world.

Rhiannon’s main goal is to demonstrate measurable improvements in health and quality of life using evidence-based, safe, effective aromatic interventions.

Rhiannon is motivated by the potential of essential oils and plant extracts to improve health and quality of life. She is driven by the desire to make evidence-based information accessible to therapists who are looking to integrate essential oil use alongside regular medical care. Rhiannon is passionate about promoting the field of clinical aromatherapy and herbal therapeutics worldwide.

Based in Provence, France, as director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants(, Rhiannon hosts residential classes near her mountain home as well as travelling internationally to lecture on a range of subjects concerning clinical aromatherapy and essential oil science.

The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy is the only aromatherapy journal in the world with a clinical focus, taking an evidence-based approach to help and inspire practitioners to use essential oils and related products in a range of healthcare settings. IJCA is a main sponsor of botanica2016.

Botanica 2018

Rhiannon opens botanica2016

Meet the support team for Botanica2018

Rhiannon with Susan Nolan of Advantage

Rhiannon is supported in the organisation and running of the conference by a competent team of conference ambassadors based in different countries. Acting as local points of contact for delegates as well as helping to promote the event, this team provides an invaluable link between the main organiser and the event.

Participants are encouraged to get in touch directly with their local conference ambassador.

  • to help with basic questions concerning the event.
  • to establish links to participants from the same region who are attending Botanica2018.
  • to foster exchanges between therapists working/ interested in the clinical field.

Botanica ambassadors & local support

Ambassadors will be attending Botanica2018 to assist with the smooth running of the event. In addition to the conference ambassadors, Rhiannon is supported by an enthusiastic and indispensable team of locally based aromatherapists.

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