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Feature Lists

Issue 245 –April 2018

Mind to Mend your Emotions - Rajgopal Nidamboor PhD FCCP M-CAM

The Top Ten Mistakes Made by Meditation Practitioners - William Van Gordon

With birth Carpe Diem - Seize the Day - Michael Levy - Expert  Column

NLP Tools for Dealing with Addictions  - Frances Coombes – Expert Regular Column

Realaxation, a Method Created by Leon Eeman - Revisited by Dr Toff (Christopher) Freeland

Take Control of your Fertility by Understanding your Luteal Phase – Robert Milnes BA Hons (Business) DipM and Kate Davies RN BSc(Hons) FP Cert via Sophie Inglis

“We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made...”- Vivienne Bradshaw-Black Cert Ed - Vera Kaur - Expert Column

Bio-Hacking the Ageing Code: Nutrigenomics – Protandim; Ancient Medicine Truly Meets Modern Science – Clare Harvey

Enrich Your Diet and Enjoy the Health Benefits of Omega-3s – Ronnie McCluskey

How we can Best Prepare for and Cope with Norovirus - Hitesh Dodhia BSc (Hons) MBA via Dominic Pollard

CranialSacral Treatment of the Temporomandibular Joint - Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed Osteopath  - Expert Regular Column

True Healthcare - Helping the Body to Heal Itself – Brian Alex Rothbart – DPM PhD DNM

Medical Ozone as a Potential Alternative for Knee Osteoarthritis - Oliver Eaton Osteopath, MSK Injection Specialist  via Sophie Inglis

Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Necessary? – Emily Taylor

10 Hacks to Relieve Back Pain for Office Workers / Employees - Dr Mark El-Hayek MChiro BSc(MedSc)





Issue 246 – May 2018

Being in the Zone is Divine Frenzy - Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Healing in a Hospital; Scientific Evidence that Spiritual Healing Improves Health – Sandy Edwards

Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person - Dave Markowitz – Expert Regular Column

Why We Think the Way we Do and How to Change It – Thomas Garvey and Dr Helen Kogan

The Science of Suffering and the Healing of Hurt - Advancing the Craft of Guided Meditation and Guided Imagery – Paul Newham

Machine vs. Human who makes the Best Lullaby to get us to Sleep - the Ultimate Guide to Lullabies – via Emma Pearce

Stop Constantly Thinking And Start Consciously Living - Vicki McKenna BA Lic Ac  – Expert Regular Column

Top Tips on Treating Headaches and Migraines - Oliver Eaton

Pets as Therapy – The Ultimate Guide – Jack Bird

Natural Alternatives to HRT – Maryon Stewart

Optimal Health with Ayurvedic Medicine – Dr Charlotte Bech MD via Ariadna Bakhmatova

Awaken Your Sacral Chakra To Attract Love And Abundance - Vera Kaur  – Expert Regular Column

What to Say and Not to Say to People who have Cancer – Dr Shara Cohen

New Innovations for Catching Cancers Earlier – via Stephen Kellie

Are you Addicted to Caffeine? - James Elander / Deanna Mathieson

Must Eat Organic Vegetables - Vaileria Dennis

Faecal Microbiome Transplant - Dr Julian Kenyon MD MB ChB via David Webb

Deeper Massage - David Lauterstein LMT MTI Cert. ZB  – Expert Column

SCIM Integrative Medicine (IM) Approach for Musculoskeletal and Mental Health Conditions - Dr Ava Lorenc

Tips for Busy Women Working Out - Keira Wayne

How to Pick the Best Mattress for Back Pain – tuck.com

How to Begin a New Fitness Program – Jennifer Dawson

Issue 247 – July 2018

The Moral Glue of our Conscience - Rajgopal Nidamboor PhD

Magical Piers The Lovers Journey Part III - Gina Pickersgill Spiritual NLP Life Coach – Expert Regular Column

Tips from a Life Coach – How to Make 2018 your Best Year Yet – Ben Edwards via Maddie Brunton

Homeopathic Matters - June Sayer DHom (Med) MARH MRHom DNTh DIridol FNTP Homeopath, Nutritionist, CEASE Therapist – Expert Regular Column

Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being Underdiagnosed and/or Misdiagnosed? Dr Rajendra Sharma via Sophie Inglis

Herbs to Lift Mood, Calm Nerves and Combat Stress – Holy Basil (Tulsi), Chamomile, Matcha Green Tea, Ashwagandha and Turmeric – via Naomi Lawson Pukka Herbs

Intense Stress Leading to Raised Production and Accumulation of Lactate in Brain Ischemia – The Ultimate Cause for Acute Stroke – Carlos Monteiro

Food for Thought - Penny Crowther DN Med BANT CNHC - Expert Regular Column

The Real Causes of Heart Disease - [and Statins don't help] – Justin Smith

Everything You Need to Know about Bariatric Surgery – Carol Adkisson

Weight Loss Facts Vs Fads – Swallowable Weight Loss Balloon Nicole Berberian via Yasmin Osman

Link between Herpes Simplex Virus and Alzheimer´s Disease -  Potential Role of Mushroom Nutrition Supplementation in Prevention - Prof. Calabrese V. and Prof. Fernandes T.

What is Sciatica? - Tanya Milne ISRM FHT CNHC- Expert Regular Column

Top Tips for Combatting Sciatica Naturally – Oliver Eaton Osteopath, MSK Injection Specialist

Orthodontics Tips for Healthy Teeth – Sharon Williams

8 Benefits of Having Straight Teeth – Dr Satish Pai MS DDS




















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