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Feature Lists

Issue 243 –January 2018

Every-Day Struggles of an Introvert that Can Make His Life Miserable - Sean Blaney

The Piers of England and How They Manifest Magic - The Lovers Journey - Gina Pickersgill Spiritual NLP Life Coach - Expert Regular Column

Breakup, Breakdown, Break-through, Breakdance -Tim Elfring

Sai Shakti Healing - Interview Dr Nityaananda - Katyayani Chowdhry

Shedding Some Light on Morgellons Disease - June Sayer DHom (Med) MARH MRHom DNTh DIridol FNTP Homeopath, Nutritionist, CEASE Therapist - Expert Column

Seed Essences - Powerful New Vibrational Essences from Nature that Resonate with our own  Inner Seed – Simon France

High Blood Pressure - We Have the Perfect Medicine to Kill You Off - Dr M Amir BDS MSc (U.Lond) Dent Surgeon

Glutathione - Super Hero of the Cell - Penny Crowther DN Med BANT CNHC - Expert Column

The 15 Minute Salt Water Remedy – Varsha R - Spiritual Science Research Found. SSRF + Infographic

Why is Seaweed and Salt Better than Salt – Simon Ranger

Genetics and Obesity -Peter Kay PhD

15 Health Benefits of the Atkins Diet - Jenn Miller

Bodywork and Remedial Massage - Tanya Milne ISRM FHT CNHC - Expert Regular Column

Evolutionary Health - Edwin Salter –

How Yoga Practice Aids Many Age-Related Illnesses in Older Adults – Joe Fleming

A Guide to Injury Prevention for Olympic Weightlifters–Chris Simon








Issue 244 – February 2018

Game of Thrones – Who Needs Therapy when you have This? Christopher Paul Jones NLP CBT EMDR

Health Catalyst - Marion Eaton LL.B Dip Aroma Dip RM Reiki Master - Expert Regular Column

Health, Wealth and Happiness All Seem to Go Together - Right? – Anastasia Ivanov

The Lightning Process - CFS ME - Nancy Blake BA CQSW  - Expert Regular Column

How to Survive Today’s Self-Help Industry – Sarah Alexander

Essential Oil Recipes for Winter - Chad Pegura

SensiStop!- Homeopathic Remedy Periodontitis Clinical Improvement - Dr Helle Steenberg Skov via Lars Rudbeck

Qualitative and Quantitative features of Component Substances may Define Homeopathic Remedies Pathways  –Dr Peter H Kay

Holistic Approaches to Gut Problems and Parasites - Emma Lane ND DIP NT Master NLP Practitioner AFAA Int'l Personal Trainer and Fitness Counsellor ITEC -Expert Regular Column

Faecal Microbiome Transplant - Dr Julian Kenyon MDMBChB /David Webb

10 Raw Foods that will give You Glowing Skin – Cassie Brewer

Carotenoids as Free Radicals Neutralizer – Yostan A Labola

Mind the Body -  Embody the Mind - Joël Carbonnel - Expert Column

SCIM Integrative Medicine (IM) Approach: Musculoskeletal & Mental Health Conditions - Dr Ava Lorenc

Physiotherapy, Sport Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – Russell Thompson Senior Physiotherapist

The Ideal Muscle Building Plan While Pregnant – Tory Mason via Jane Sandwood

A Quick Guide To Training This Winter -Alexandra Parren via Jess Tonking

Issue 245 – April 2018

Mind to Mend your Emotions - Rajgopal Nidamboor

The Top Ten Mistakes Made by Meditation Practitioners - William Van Gordon

Being in the Zone is Divine Frenzy - Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

How we Become what we Tell Ourselves to Be - Mindfulness and the Inner Voice – Paul Newham

With birth Carpe Diem - Seize the Day - Michael Levy - Expert  Column

Mind/Body Talk - Frances Coombes – Expert Regular Column

How Understanding Your Luteal Phase can put You in Control of your Fertility – Robert Milnes and Kate Davies via Sophie Inglis

6 Everyday Habits that aren’t half as bad as you’d think - Flavour Boss via Jakiya Rahman

Traditional Indian Holistic Therapies - Vera Kaur - Expert Regular Column

Realaxation, a Method Created by Leon Eeman - Revisited by Christopher Freeland

The Many Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil – Ronnie McCluskey

Tips and Advice – How we can Best Prepare for and Cope with Norovirus - Hitesh Dodhia via Dominic Pollard

Treating Anxiety is not Just a Mind Process – Minnie Davidson

CranialSacral Approaches - Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed Osteopath  - Expert Regular Column

True Healthcare – Brian Alex Rothbart – DPM PhD DNM

Prolozone Therapy - Oliver Eaton  via Sophie Inglis

How Orthodontic Treatment and Smile Correction can Enhance Your Quality of Life – Emily Parker

10 Hacks to Relieve Back Pain for Office Workers / Employees - Dr Mark El-Hayek




















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