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Feature Lists

Issue 248 – August 2018


The Shadow Dance of our Mind - Rajgopal Nidamboor PhD FCCP M-CAM

Application of Mindfulness for Work-Related Stress - Dr William Van Gordon

Wild, Weird And Wonderful Water - Marion Eaton LL.B, Dip Aroma, Dip RM, Reiki Master - Expert Regular Column

What Can We Expect From The Guideline Review for ME/CFS - Nancy Blake BA CQSW  - Expert  Column

Side Effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS and How to Use Aromatherapy Safely – Nicole Barton HDipCT(VTCT) MFHG MBA

12 Health Benefits of Sleeping 6-8 Hours – Tom B Barnowski MD

Science-Backed Tips for the Perfect Nap - Vince Nero via Whitney Vige

How will Care Homes Look in Years to Come –  Lee Dover BA(Hons)– via Stephen Kellie

The National Health Service should engage with Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Richard Eaton LLB(Hons)

Great Vagal Tone = Happy, Healthy You! Is it too good to be true? - Emma Lane ND DIP NT Master NLP  Practitioner AFAA Int'l Personal Trainer & Fitness Couns. ITEC-Expert Column

The Real Causes of Heart Disease - [and Statins don't help]–Justin Smith

The Effects of Stress on Your Oral Health -  Dr Harold Katz

Pharmacological Activity and Benefits Of Annona Squamosa Linn for Human Health - Yostan Absalom Labola S Pd Gr

EThe Holistic Approach - Mind, Body, Connection  - Including Bariatric Surgery – Carol Adkisson Transformational Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Taking Control can Hugely Impact your Back Pain – Chris Aldred BSc Hons MCSP SRP

What is Sciatica? - Tanya Milne ISRM FHT CNHC- Expert Regular Column

Health Benefits of Kayak Exercise - Derek  -Floating Authority



Issue 249 – October 2018

Transform Despair into Harmony – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Wealth Creation For The Better Good - Michael Levy - Expert Column

Mind/Body Talk - Frances Coombes – Expert Regular Column

Eye Health & Technology - Mr Robert Morris BSc(Hons) MB BS(Hons) MRCP(UK) FRCS(Eng) FRC Ophth via Charlotte Sutton

How to Combat Fatigue when Working Night Shifts – Emma Barnes / Terry’s Fabrics

Effects of Dental Anxiety on Quality of Life -Gavin Hawes/Oral Health Fdn

Ayurveda for Summer / Autumn – Dr Deepa Apte via Tara Mestre

Supporting Women through Pregnancy – Dr Jenny Hallam, Dr Chris Howard, Professor Abigail Locke Melissa Thomas

Nutritious Roots -  Inadequate NHS thyroid care destroying lives in the UK - Karen Alexander

The Nutrition Maze - Vivienne Bradshaw-Black CertEd–Exp. Column

My Journey with Diabetes - I Transformed my life and reversed my diabetes through nutrition and diet - Dr Nicola Siso

Is Stress the Reason behind your Weight Gain? – via Leah Karaolis

7 Myths about Poo – Enid Taylor ND BSc(Hons) Psych Naturopath and Clinic Director The Taymount Clinic

Choose the Healthiest Juices for Your Lifestyle -João Gouveia via Sophie Inglis

Raw Eggs for  Health – Lily Greene

Introducing Theo Campbell, 400 Metre Sprinter via Leah Karaolis

CranialSacral Approaches - Jonathan Lawrence BA DO Cert Ed Osteopath – Expert Regular Column

Neuromuscular Taping reduces Blood Pressure in Systemic Arterial Hypertension - Dr Jean Monro MB BS LRCP MRCS FAAEM DIBEM MRSB. M Shaha POO Julua, JA Monroa, J Coutinhoc, C Ijeha, BK Purid, via William Ahern

Selecting a Sleeping Mattress to Avoid Back Pain – Dr Mark El-Hayek MChiro BSc(MedSc)

How to Treat and Avoid Lower Back Pain – Oliver Eaton Osteopath MSK Injection Specialist via Sophie Inglis


Issue 250 – November 2018

What You Sow in your Mind You Reap – Rajgopal Nidamboor PhD

Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person - Dave Markowitz – Expert Regular Column

Benefits of Breath Analysis and Breath Coaching - Nevsah Karamehmet c/o Philippa Keir

A New Star(t) - Journey to Mental Health with the Help of Rainbow Tai Chi -  Sterre Overvest

A Strong and Sexual Being - Vicki McKenna BA Lic Ac  – Expert Regular Column

Health Benefits of Gaming - Marcus Clarke Text + Infographic

Homeopathic Vaccines Nosods- Like Cures Like – Leah Dumbrava

Difficulties Sourcing Reputable Health and Care Services Providers - Rohit Patni CEO, Co-Founder of WeMa Life

How Dogs Can Help with Mental Health – Mind Boosting Benefits of Dog Ownership – Will Tottle

Traditional Indian Holistic Therapies - Vera Kaur  –Expert Regular Column

What are the Benefits of Raw Neem Honey - Klaus Ferlow HMH HA

101 Powerful Black Seed Oil Benefits for Better Health – Brendan Wade

Faecal Microbiome Transplant - Dr Julian Kenyon MDMBChB David Webb

Defying doctors prognosis, Ron can Walk Again –Ron West via Lorna Jackson

Deep Massage - David Lauterstein LMT MTI Cert. ZB  – Expert Regular Column

How I Cured Myself of Fibromyalgia – Oliver Eaton Osteopath, MSK Injection Specialist

Mapping the Fittest City in the UK – via Tayla Reed-Hunting for Leisure Lakes Bikes

SCIM Integrative Medicine (IM) Approach for Musculoskeletal and Mental Health Conditions - Dr Ava Lorenc





















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