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Feature Lists

Issue 254 – May 2019

Behold the Divine Beauty in Thyself -Rajgopal Nidamboor PhD FCCP M-CAM

Is it Practical to Target for Impossible Task - BD BasuBSc (Engg)-Mech MBA Dip Export MA (English)

The Empath vs. the Highly Sensitive Person-Dave Markowitz - Expert Regular Column

Daoist Tips for 21st Century Living - Harmonizing the Spirits - Vicki McKenna BA Lic Ac - Expert Column

Relationship between Anxiety, Mental Health, and Quality of Sleep - Purple.com via Alyssa Ennis

Benefits of Sleep - The Impact of Sleep on the Body – Benefits of sleep.org via James Field

Beating The Demon Of Insomnia – Double Wood Supplements via Anna Kucirkova

Future Advancements of Medical Operations - Lee Dover BA (Hons) via Stephen Kellie

Alternative Ways to take Pain Away – ASA PPP Healthcare via Olivia Hattam

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) and Migraines – Dr Yasmin Shakarchy BDS MFDS (Ed)

Naturopathy, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine: The Biodynamic Botanic Garden at Emerson College - Kirsten Hartvig ND DipPhyt – Expert  Column

Vegans and Protein – Some Myths Debunked – Louise Palmer-Masterton via Sophie Inglis

When Vaccine Refusal is Not Unethical – James Lyons-Weiler

The Poetics of Touch - David Lauterstein LMT MTI Cert. ZB  – Expert Column

6 Steps to Treating a Slipped Disc –Neil Velleman BSc Hons MCSP via Sophie Inglis

5 Best Places to do Your Yoga Teacher Training – Manmohan Singh

7 Scientific Ways Working Out Helps Alleviate Anxiety – Sarah Williams


Issue 255 – June 2019

Rewire Your Inner Strength – Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

How I Turned the Worst Year of my Life Around – Karen Whybrow

Grief and the Need to Process Grief -Donna Lancaster The Bridge Retreat

Healing and Life Choices - Gina Pickersgill Spiritual NLP Life Coach – Expert Regular Column

Why Achieving Inner Harmony is Important for Health – Michael Kenton

Homeopathic Matters - June Sayer DHom (Med) MARH MRHom DNTh DIridol FNTP  – Expert Column

Hypnosis for Weight Loss The Complete Guide – CJ de Heer

How Research and Science Communication can  Change Minds about Products such as Cannabis – Kolabtree via Ellie Clifford

Future of Medical Cannabis and CBD Products in the UK – Dr David Dawit via Jake Woodley

Seasonal Allergies in Babies and Toddlers – Colleen de Bellefonds via Chloe Pearson

Is Winter Eczema Blighting your Life – AXA PPP Healthcare /Olivia Hattam

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy–Kathy Carter Ozone Therapy UK

Food for Thought - Penny Crowther DN Med BANT CNHC - Expert Column

Feasible Journey to Healthy Weight Loss - Ryan Prior -

Impact of Vitamin D3 on UK Cancer Treatment – Prof Angus Dalgleish via Fiona Jull

Mushroom Nutrition: Prebiotic Implications for  Neurodegenerative Conditions? – via William Ahern

Recovery from Fibromyalgia – Dr M Amir BDS MSc (U of London) LDS RCS (England) - Expert Regular Column

Staying Healthy at Work – Mark Fletcher via Colin Batchelor

How an Improperly Fitting Bra Impacts your Overall Health – via Sydney Miller ThirdLove


Issue 256 – August 2019

Letting Go: New Leap of Faith - Rajgopal Nidamboor FCCP DHom PhD

Are you Suffering from High-Functioning Anxiety – AXA PPP Healthcare via Olivia Hattam

Bulimia Nervosa Guide Symptoms, Warning Signs, Causes, and Treatments – Dr Kim Langdom via Ella Kim

ME/CFS - Nancy Blake BA CQSW – Expert Regular Column

Stress Influences your Health – Carole Spiers via Anna Knights

How can Meditation Help with Sleep – Remy Roche

Environmental Healing - Marion Eaton LL.B, Dip Aroma, Dip RM, Reiki Master  – Expert  Column

Can Dogs Detect Cancer – Your Dog Advisor via Jen Miller

Improve your Digestion with a Master Oh Energy Treatment – via Courtney Grover

Holistic Approaches to Gut Problems and Parasites - Emma Lane ND Dip NT CMTA C.H.E.K IV HLC3 PEA – Expert Regular Column

Good Nutrition can Transform Mental Health – Sheri Taylor Chroma Case Management via Samantha Douglas

Hormones 101: Introduction to Infographic – Dr Kate Kass ND

The 12 Best Apps for Tracking Your Health in 2019 – Bestow Team via Karlie Kramer

Faecal Microbiome Transplant - Dr Julian Kenyon MD MB ChB  c/o David Webb

Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy (NSRT) - Carol Preen FCHP FANM HonMIFA – Expert Regular Column

Concussion In Sport – Samurai Sports via Jessica Higgins

Yoga Therapy for Therapy for Menopause /Peri-menopause - Uma Dinsmore-Tuli Well via Tara Mestre

Benefits of Cold Water Swimming and The Wim Hof Method - Michelle Moroney via Tara Mestre

Yoga and Injury Recovery -  Mollie McClelland Morris via Tara Mestre






















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