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Proposal for anyone interested in becoming an Advertising Partner running his or her own business in conjunction with PositiveHealthOnline. Compass Internet Limited owns and runs the website Positive Health (PH) magazine is a complementary health publication established in 1994. It printed and published 150 issues, and was distributed and sold throughout the UK and USA through health stores, newsagents and via subscriptions. Almost all of these issues have been published online, since 1996. The printed magazine ceased to be printed in Sept 2008.

PH's huge archive of thousands of articles, research updates, book reviews, adverts and links provide a truly global platform to promote therapists, courses, products and events. We also have our own version of Google adverts called PY Ads. These along with most other forms of advertising can be entered, paid for and monitored online.

The PH website advertisements comprise a range of animated banners, skyscraper, and a variety of listings, as well as PH’s brand of Google-type ads, called Promote Yourself (PY) adverts. PH Online, with its interactive technology, greater audience, larger number of online subscribers, offers the opportunity to provide superior presentation of adverts at more affordable prices.

Advertising is sold in the UK via Compass Internet Ltd.

We are looking for Advertising Partners who would like to set up their own business within their own country. Their objective would be to sell online advertising within their own country, or designated area therein. The Partner would have exclusivity within their designated area, receive the total revenue of any and all sales within their area, and pay an agreed amount every 13 weeks in advance to Compass Internet Ltd, calculated according to an agreed formula.

They would not be employed by Compass Internet Ltd; acting solely as an Advertising Partner for the company.

The Partners would be free to hire and engage others to sell on their behalf, only within their own area.

It would be their own business that could be built up and sold at any time they wished, subject to agreement with Compass Internet Ltd.

All production would be done by Compass Internet Ltd and a small charge would be levied to the Partner for each and every advert produced.

To see the scope of advertising please visit the website, click the appropriate flag and then Rate Card. You can see the range and price of adverts available; you can also see a Features List for the next 3 issue (a link near the top of the page).

There are Terms and Conditions of engagement that must be agreed and signed by the Partner and Compass Internet Ltd.

For further information please contact Mike Howell or Sandra Goodman

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