Ongoing course: New Homeopathic Micro-DNA Therapy

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Jul 31, 2011
Homeovitality Learning Centre
Dr. Peter H Kay
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Practitioner Diploma in New Homeopathic Micro-DNA Therapy

It is now realised that Homeopathic and New Homeopathic remedies can relieve suffering by interacting with various genes, part of the genetic blueprint. So, it is important for practitioners to understand a little about how genes work to help advance their practice and enable their clients to take full advantage of important new health care discoveries. This unique course has been designed by the developer of the Homeovitality system and a practicing homeopath to help all practitioners, including naturopaths, to do that. 

Highly diluted DNA has been used as a homeopathic remedy for many years. It has been subject to provings and is included in Materia Medicas such as those compiled by Dr AO Julian and Dr R Murphy.

Present homeopathic DNA remedies include genetic material from various species and of unknown sequence. With a view to increasing the specificity of homeopathic remediation, Dr. Marichal successfully established the use of highly purified DNA molecules of known sequence to help boost the activity of immune response genes to fight infections.

The use of highly diluted sequence specific DNA molecules to target health promoting genes is called New Homeopathy. That is because, even though it works on a “like-promotes-like principle”, it does not cause symptoms of disease in healthy subjects. The Homeovitality system uses the same principle. It is in fact, a safer refinement of the use of classical homeopathic DNA.

Recently, scientists have shown that some Homeopathic remedies prepared from plant extracts and human cancer tissues do promote the expression of genes that play an important role in killing cancer cells and slowing down their growth. With these new findings in mind, this entirely new course has been designed to give alternative health practitioners an understanding of basic science and molecular genetics of health and disease so that they can deliver the benefits of Homeopathy, New Homeopathy and Homeovitality to the community more effectively.

The course includes a basic introduction to atoms, molecules, cellular biochemistry, proteins, DNA, RNA, how proteins are made, natural super-health how genes cause disease and different types of immunity and inflammatory mediators.

So that all alternative health practitioners, including naturopaths, understand more about the dangers of allopathic medicine, the course also includes an introduction to genetic factors that determine whether a pharmacologically active drug is likely to resolve disease or cause serious side-effects.


This distance learning course is presented in 9 modules. A valid email address is required to take part in the course. Participants will undertake one module at a time. After each module, participants will be required to answer some simple multiple choice questions. If the questions are answered satisfactorily, participants will be issued with the next module. There are no time restrictions for completion of each module.


Course enrolment is open to everyone. The cost of this ongoing, distance learning course is only £180 (VAT included) for the 9 modules. Other payment options are available. The course fee can be paid in three separate instalments of £65.00 at the beginning of modules 1, 4 and 7. Please see for other options. 


Participants who complete the course will be issued with a Diploma stating that they have achieved a satisfactory understanding of the benefits and basic principles that underpin the use of gene targeting by Homeopathy, New Homeopathic micro-DNA therapy and Homeovitality. They will also be able to use the title NDTP (New Homeopathic micro-DNA Therapy Practitioner).

Further Information 

Applications and payments are to be submitted to

Your tutor, Dr Peter H Kay can be contacted at His academic CV can be supplied on request.

Dr. Peter H Kay has many years experience in teaching, supervision of PhD students and research in Molecular Pathology, Immunobiology, Cancer Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology. He has published over 80 scientific articles in international refereed scientific journals. He has been granted Patents for his discovery of the molecular genetics of natural super-health, see WO 2005/075668. He developed the Homeovitality healthcare system. He is a Co-Director of Homeovitality Co. Ltd. (UK).

Dr. S. Rashid is a fully qualified practising Homeopath. He holds BSc. and MSc. degrees in physics. He achieved a Post-graduate Diploma in Homeopathic medicine (DHM) from the British Institute of Homeopathy. His practice is Wellness Homeopathy in UK. He is a Co-Director of Homeovitality Co. Ltd. (UK).


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