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In Trauma Energetics: A Study of Held-Energy Systems,3 William Redpath, MEd, MFA, Certified Advanced Rolfer, and developer and teacher of Trauma Energetics(tm), describes his and his clients' encounters with held energy occurring within our neurochemistries as a result of the shock of trauma sequencing. This article is part of a new book now in preparation. He conducts current therapeutic and educational practices in Boston, MA, Boulder, CO, San Diego, CA, and London. For over 40 years, he has been a teacher, including a continuing long tenure as Lecturer in Humanities working with severely emotionally disturbed adolescents at the Arlington School, McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA, USA. He can be contacted through the Trauma Energetics website at www.tiac.net/users/redpathw/index.html. In addition to the USA, he conducts training seminars in Trauma Energetics(tm) periodically in Dorking, England, with therapist/teacher Anthony Deavin (Tel: 01 737 842 749).

Articles by William Redpath

  1. Trauma Energetics

    Listed in bodywork

    The author, William Redpath, a psychoanalyst, Reichian therapist, special education teacher and certified advanced Rolfer, has spent many years studying tragic theory and trauma the...

  2. Trauma Energetics: Working with the Breath

    Listed in energy medicine

    Trauma Energetics is described by its creator William Redpath as a non-intentional modality for evoking the self-healing powers of the brain, using the term brain to describe the en...

Book reviews by William Redpath

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