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Vivienne Outram BscEcon MBAcC MATCM is a Chinese medical practitioner working in Sheffield, England. She has been studying Chinese medicine for twenty years and specializes in the treatment of Chronic health conditions. She has successfully treated many women for fertility problems and repeat miscarriages. Her style of treatment is heavily influenced by Taoism and ancient Chinese spiritual knowledge about the World, Nature and the Human body. She may be contacted via acupuncturesheffield@gmail.com     www.sheffield-acupuncture-clinic.co.uk

Articles by Vivienne Outram

  1. Menopause: Gateway to Better Health

    Listed in chinese oriental medicine

    The Chinese do not have a name for the Menopause. Interestingly, the ending of periods is not considered an illness in China, but instead a natural and healthy transition from one p...

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