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Vivien Ryder is a health researcher and writer with a particular interest in nutrition. She has an honours degree in Health Studies and diplomas in Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. She is currently writing a book about her late husband’s death from inoperable pancreatic cancer. Vivien may be contacted via vivien2ryder@yahoo.co.uk

Articles by Vivien Ryder

  1. Macrobiotics for Optimal Balance

    Listed in nutrition

    Macrobiotics, meaning great (or long) life, is a diet that seeks to achieve balance, harmony and healing and is based on the philosophy that everything is made up of two opposing fo...

  2. Magnesium - The Magnificent Macro-Mineral

    Listed in nutrition

    There is more to magnesium than you might think. We need relatively large amounts for our bodies to function at their optimum. And the simple fact is that most of us are deficient....

Book reviews by Vivien Ryder

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