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Victoria Miles AOR Clinical Reflexologist is a Clinical Therapist and Founder of Baby Farm Group™ Ltd. She embarked on a course in clinical reflexology in 2005; during the course she became fascinated with fertility and how reflexology helped which still continues to grow. She is perhaps even more passionate now as a result of growing success rates and a better understanding of how well holistic works with medical science.

Victoria planned on taking Baby Farm to as many places as she could and she has trained like-minded individuals to do what she does, thus maximizing the number of lives touched. She has over a decade of experience and has worked successfully with couples who have every fertility hampering issue under the sun. Her first book The Baby Farm Way is very close to being published; it is the first in a series of books aimed at covering the many links to fertility and becoming pregnant. Victoria may be contacted on Tel: 07973 705961;  victoria@babyfarmgroup.com    www.babyfarmgroup.com

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    Recently there has been much negative press over IVF. This is such a shame because for some people it will be the only way they can achieve pregnancy. So much as I am always incline...

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