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Ursula Markham DHyp, MHF, MNCH(Acc.), FHS, MGHR has been a practising hypnotherapist since 1979 and is Principal of The Hypnothink Foundation, which trains hypnotherapists to professional level. She has lectured widely on the subject to organisations in the UK and overseas and appears frequently on television and radio. Her latest book, The Beginner's Guide To Self-Hypnosis was published in October 2002 by Vega. Ursula can be contacted at: The Hypnothink Foundation. Tel: 01452 731128. ursula@hypnothink.demon.co.uk www.hypnothink.com

Articles by Ursula Markham

  1. Stop Smoking - Positive Approaches

    Listed in hypnosis

    On any given day there are literally thousands of people trying to kick the smoking habit. Many experts agree that the best method to stop smoking is one which is non-invasive and p...

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