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Terri Perry TFT DX MAR is an advanced practitioner in TFT, trained in Causal Diagnosis and Individual Energy Toxins. Terri is registered with the Register of Trauma Therapists and specializes in treatment of negative emotions and trauma. She is a member of the BCMA, ATFT and BTFTA, a qualified Reflexologist and Member of the Association of Reflexologists and a practitioner for Foresight Preconceptual Care. She is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Harley Street, London appointments are available by prior arrangement. She may be contacted via healthyu@tiscali.co.uk; www.mindbalance.co.uk

Articles by Terri Perry

  1. Chemical Fragrances: Effects on the Autonomic Nervous System

    Listed in environmental

    This article focuses on the adverse effects of chemical fragrances, such as commercial detergents, fabric conditioners, air fresheners, fragrant candles, personal toiletries, househ...

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