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Tania Rodríguez-Arias is a Naturopath specialized in paediatric care and a children’s books author. In her healing practice she integrates the knowledge on herbal medicine, flower essences, nutrition and conscious parenting with her intuitive skills. She has just released The Blue and Green Book, an inspirational book for children with parents that would like to explain more about spirituality to their children She may be contacted via llavorsdellum@hotmail.com www.llavorsdellum.es/en/  English page available.

Articles by Tania Rodríguez-Arias

  1. Flower Essences in Naturopathic Paediatric Care

    Listed in flower essences

    Flower essences are the subtle form of energy healing from flowers. The essence incorporates the awareness of the more subtle spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of life and the...

Book reviews by Tania Rodríguez-Arias

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