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Stephen Mccamman MA has spent 10-years in the medical cannabis industry. He is a former professor of political science drawn to the social, health and political implications of the developing medical cannabis industry. As founding member of the Clinical EndoCannabinoid Consortium, a non-profit research organization, Stephen has in-depth knowledge of the research and development of cannabinoid therapies. He also has extensive experience operating dispensaries and understanding patients’ medicinal needs. Professor McCamman is owner/operator of CBD Wellness - a company focusing on integrating cannabinoid therapeutics into complementary and alternative healing practices. Stephen may be contacted via Tel: +1 619-333-9067; stephen@calstatecaregivers.com   www.calstatecaregivers.com   www.thecesc.org

Articles by Stephen McCamman

  1. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and Its Deficiencies: the New Science of Homeostasis

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    Most blockbuster scientific discoveries do not start with transporting 10 kilos of an illicit substance on public transport. The exception is Israeli biochemist Raphael Mechoulam's ...

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