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Steve Hounsome has written four books, including the recently published first of three volumes of Tarot Therapy (Pub: Capall Bann ISBN 1 861630 74 3, price £14.95)) which explores the ideas given here. He has recorded a series of highly acclaimed spoken word meditation and development tapes and is a member of the Isle of Avalon Foundation Faculty of Healing. You can contact him at: steve@spiritseeker.co.uk or website: www.spiritseeker.co.uk or by post at PO Box 250, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 0ZQ, England. Enclose sae for catalogue of tapes and books.

Articles by Stephen Houssome

  1. Tarot for Healing

    Listed in healing

    Despite its unfortunate image, there is a massive interest in the Tarot and more importantly, an acceptance that it works. It is precisely because it works that the time is ripe for...

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