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Simon Lee, with over 35 years’ experience in his field, has now established himself as a pioneer in a new approach to delivering personal development coaching. He is the Founder of On the Warrior’s Path. After winning the Southern England bodybuilding title at 20 years old, he went on to coach seven different Martial arts. In addition he is a nutritionist, a physical conditioning expert, a teacher of Eastern philosophy and a highly experienced Chi Kung/Meditation practitioner. He has also run several Ultra marathons at night in the Scottish Highlands. He is a father to two children, lives with his partner Samantha in Sevenoaks, Kent and may be contacted via simon@unlimitedcourage.com   www.unlimitedcourage.com

Articles by Simon Lee

  1. On The Warriors Path - A Revolution in Personal Development

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    I was born into an environment of male inadequacy. It had existed before I was born and by the time I arrived the atmosphere was thick with a rage and hate that was to permeate ever...

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