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Simon Cole BA(Econ) MA(Counselling) PMBAP(Senior Accred) is a therapist, counsellor and meditation teacher at Le Sentier Tranquille in southern France. A philosopher, poet and walker, he seeks to help others along their own path of self-discovery and development. He is author of Stillness in Mind: a companion to mindfulness, meditation and living, published in 2014 by Changemakers Books www.stillnessinmind.com and Themed Meditations… along the quiet path both available on Amazon.

He may be contacted via simon.cole.france@icloud.com     www.stillnessinmind.com     www.life-counselling.co.uk

Articles by Simon Cole

  1. One Mind, Peace of Mind - Calm in the Face of Adversity

    Listed in mind matters

    Peace is an Attitude of Mind. If you don’t believe me, picture the scene when you last felt totally at peace… lying in the sun on the beach; curled up by the fire with a good book; ...

  2. So You Think You’ve Mastered Mindfulness ... Now What?

    Listed in mind matters

    I meet a lot of people who have become disenchanted with mindfulness, either because they think they’ve ‘done it’ and it hasn’t made any difference, or because their life doesn’t wo...

  3. Soothing Vibes for Hectic Living

    Listed in mind body

    “In your face” is how life seems to be so much of the time these days. And in so many ways… banner headlines, sound-bites, bright lights, advertising… high speed, high volume, hig...

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