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Sheila Hicks Balgobin IFPA BFVEA, is The Dream Detective – a 5th generation Dreamer with the gift of dream interpretation.  She helps clients improve their sleep with simple techniques and tools as well as teaches people how to interpret and use their dreams to create their dream lives (online or on retreat). Sheila can be reached at: sheila@thedreamdetective.me or via her website https://www.thedreamdetective.me

Articles by Sheila Hicks Balgobin

  1. Flower Essence Therapy = Beauty + Science

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    This article presents research data on the effectiveness of flower and vibrational essences therapy as a healing modality.

  2. (How I Got By) With a Little Help from my (Flower) Friends: A Student's Journey with Flower Essences

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    This truly inspirational article describes the personal and professional journey on a new direction in the author’s career path. The course she chose (or rather, which chose her) wa...

  3. Flower Essences and Electrosensitivity: Breaking Out of (an Emotional) Prison

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    The issue of electromagnetic stress and electrosensitivity is a growing concern with enormous implications for long-term health. While the counselling relationship was short-lived,...

  4. Impact of Bach Flower Remedies on Stress Among Emergency and Health Service Workers

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  5. Getting Lost (and Found) in the New Forest

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    At the request of a fellow psychotherapist and New Yorker (we grew up only a few miles from each other but met here in the UK recently!), who liked the way I used essences and other...

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