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About the Author Sharon Black runs The Sun Centre in the CĂ©vennes mountains of southern France, along with her husband Alex Duncan. She is a qualified Louise Hay workshop facilitator and a certified leader of 'Love Yourself Heal Your Life' weekend workshops and 'Heal Your Life Achieve Your Dreams' study courses. She runs a one-week summer course entitled 'Love Yourself, Achieve Your Dreams' based on the work of Louise Hay at The Sun Centre, as well as regular weekend workshops in the UK. Her husband Alex teaches yoga and Ayurveda. The Author can be contacted for a current brochure on The Sun Centre's activities on Tel: 07092 332330; sharon@thesuncentrecom www.thesuncentre.com

Articles by Sharon Black

  1. Holistic Retreats - Holidays for an Inner Journey

    Listed in retreats and travel

    Sharon Black looks at holistic retreats that offer themed courses, designed to nurture the mind, body and spirit in tranquil surroundings.

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