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Sejual Shah EFT Practitioner AAMET runs an Emotional Freedom Techniques therapy practice in Hertfordshire, specializing in helping with depression and anxiety issues, as well as career performance issues. She works in person, by phone and webcam and has worked with clients over 4 continents. Sejual spent 5 years as a corporate lawyer in Brussels and the City of London and has first-hand experience of managing the high stress of corporate life. She additionally provides corporate stress management programs. Her website is www.healthyinmind.com. To download a free self-help manual introducing you to the basics of EFT please visit the website of the founder of EFT, Gary Craig: www.emofree.com

Articles by Sejual Shah

  1. Resolving Depression with Emotional Freedom Techniques

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    The Emotional Freedom Technique, evolved from Acupuncture, Kinesiology and Clinical Psychology, involves tapping particular points while the client is experiencing feeling attached ...

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