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Sally Lansdale DO, Osteopath and Clinical Director, trained at the British School of Osteopathy and qualified in 1984.  As well as her work as an Osteopath, she now specialises in the treatment of discs with IDD Therapy, which she has been using since 2010. “There have been some amazing results with IDD Therapy patients, who may otherwise have needed invasive surgery.”  She is also principal trainer for IDD Therapy in the UK and Europe.

Sally is passionate about educating people about the benefits of IDD Therapy alongside Osteopathy and soft tissue massage techniques, diet and nutritional supplementation. She uses ViMove to analyse spinal range of movement in all her patients. Sally may be contacted via Tel: 020 7100 4598 or 0345 625 2566; info@iddtherapy.co.uk     https://iddtherapy.co.uk     www.spinexdiscclinic.com       

Articles by Sally Lansdale

  1. Intervertebral Disk Decompression Cured my Back Pain

    Listed in back pain

    After many years of working as an osteopath, Sally Lansdale was suffering from so much back pain herself, she thought her career had come to an end. A combination of day-to-day ben...

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