About Roy Fuller, Ph.D.

Dr Fuller has degrees from the Universities of Bristol and Reading. He had a long research career at the National Institute for Research in Dairying (now the Institute for Food Research) where he worked on the gastrointestinal microflora and its effect on the host. He has published many papers in scientific journals and has edited two multi-author books on probiotics. Since 1989 he has operated as a freelance Intestinal Microecology consultant (Russet House, 59 Ryeish Green, Reading RG7 1ES Tel. 0118-988 3514).

Articles by Roy Fuller, Ph.D.

  1. Probiotics - What they are and what they do

    Listed in colon health

    The term probiotic covers microbial food supplements whose primary aim is to improve the health and well being of the consumer.

Book reviews by Roy Fuller, Ph.D.

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