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Roger Golten's dedicates this article to the pioneering artists/scientists who came before, all those working within structural integration, and those brave souls who will follow. The author, an advanced Hellerwork practitioner and Hellerwork mentor trainer, has been in continuous, full-time practice as a Hellerwork practitioner in London ever since he graduated from Joseph Heller's 5th training in 1983, and is currently at Ability Centre near Baker St, London W1 (Tel: 0207 723 5676). He was one of the first 50 practitioners that Heller trained and one of the first non-Americans. Before that his major qualification for becoming a therapist was that he was a guy with a lower back problem. He completed Advanced Training in 1987 and Mentor Training in 1999 with Joseph Heller and others. In 1999, Thorsons HarperCollins published his book The Owner's Guide to the Body. Roger Golten can by contacted on Tel: 07956 514 522;  roger@golten.co.uk; www.golten.co.uk

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  1. Hellerwork - Excellence with Ease

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    Hellerwork is a Structural Integration school founded in 1978. Overall there are about 250 active and certified practitioners worldwide using the Hellerwork service mark.

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