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Robert Schleip PhD MA Dipl.Psych. is one of the leading fascia researchers worldwide. He holds a doctorate in human biology (Dr. biol.hum).and is a certified Rolfing practitioner and psychologist. He holds positions as Visiting Professor (IUCS Barcelo), Technical University of Munich, Germany, Associate Professorship of Conservative and Rehabilitive Orthopaedics, Department of Sport and Health Sciences. As a scientist at the University of Ulm, he leads the fascia research group, and also works as a manual Rolfing therapist at his own private practice. In a teaching capacity, he gives lectures on physiotherapy, osteopathy and exercise science. He collaborates with scientists and therapists in a global network of research concerning connective tissue and may be contacted via info@somatics.de   schleip@somatics.de    robert.schleip@tum.de    https://www.fasciaresearch.de/      https://www.somatics.de/en 

Articles by Robert Schleip

  1. New Perspectives on Back Pain – The Suffering We Share

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    Chronic back pain is something many of us now suffer from and one of the most common causes of disability and early retirement. And yet, we still have no adequate explanation as to...

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