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Richard Rudd has spent the majority of his life travelling the globe, synthesising a growing body of knowledge from both scientific and esoteric fields. In his drive to better understand the nature of human beings, he has worked as both healer and educator. In 1997, he discovered the Human Design System in the USA, and soon recognised the impact of its truth upon his own life. He attended the School of Human Design, and became the first analyst to bring this knowledge to the UK. Since its revelation, Human Design has spread to many countries across the globe. Its role in understanding the basic genetic processes behind all life, as well as its proven accuracy, puts it at the forefront of exciting new discoveries that herald the new millennium. For further information on Human Design, or information about how you can experience a personal reading, please contact Richard Rudd via   www.genekeys.com/

Articles by Richard Rudd

  1. The Human Design System: The Mechanics of the Tao

    Listed in psychospiritual

    The Human Design System is a new approach to understanding the unique nature of an individual. The author describes the system as penetrating and as ruthless. It can help you unders...

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