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Richard Cheu BA MA MBA is the author of Living Well with Chronic Illness: a Practical and Spiritual Guide, a stress-management consultant and an ordained Catholic deacon serving in the Archdiocese of New York. He is a hospital chaplain and provides pastoral counseling to patients at Bellevue Hospital and other medical facilities in New York City. Prior to ordination, he was a neurophysiologist (teaching medical and nursing students) and an Emergency Medical Technician. He is currently in his 10th year as caregiver to his chronically ill wife. They live in New York City. He may be contacted via www.ChronicLivingWell.com   www.facebook.com/ChronicIllnessAPracticalSpiritualGuide    https://twitter.com/RichardACheu


Articles by Richard Cheu

  1. How to Live Well with Chronic Illness

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    ...the doctor walks in and greets you. Something about the doctor’s demeanour tells that you’re not about to receive good news. And you’re right. You are told that you have an incur...

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