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Reinhold D. Will is a German Heilpraktiker FDH (naturopath). For many years he has specialised in BICOM resonance therapy. He is the author of 2 books on bioresonance therapy, of which one is available in English translation (Bioresonance Therapy, available from the book shop of the Nutri Centre in the Hale Clinic, London, Tel. 0171-323 2382). He has lectured in bioresonance therapy at several German colleges of naturopathy and also at the College of Naturopathic and Comple- mentary Medicine in London. Reinhold Will works at the Hale Clinic in London and can be contacted on Tel: 0171-637 3377.

Articles by Rheinhold Will

  1. Bio Resonance Therapy for Parasites

    Listed in energy medicine

    Most patients are unaware how widespread parasite infestation is and how dangerous parasites can be. Therapists often believe that parasites only occur in third world countries with...

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