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Resham Khiani has been a freelance health writer for 7 years. She is passionate about women's health and loves to report on the latest health trends and alternative therapies. Her works appear on Diabetes Health Magazine, Made for Women Magazine and www.helium.com.  Her blog InnerBellissima, http://innerbellissima.blogspot.co.uk/, is dedicated to exploring women's inner beauty and building a healthy self-image. She can be contacted on reshamkhiani@gmail.com or http://reshamk.wix.com/reshamkhiani

Articles by Resham Khiani

  1. Therapeutic Benefits of Su Jok Therapy

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    Imagine a holistic therapy that can cure chronic health problems by stimulating the pressure points on our hands and feet - would you try it? ‘Su’ (hand) and ‘Jok’ (foot) are Korea...

  2. The Hidden Epidemic: Is Your Thyroid making You Fat?

    Listed in nutrition

    Having trouble exercising away the unflattering ‘spare tires’? If you’ve adopted a healthy diet and a disciplined gym regime but see no results, then perhaps it’s time to check your...

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