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Penelope Moon has been teaching for nearly 28 years. In particular her interests lie in special needs and behaviour management. She is a qualified hypno-psychotherapist and is involved in training others. She is a founder member of Cheiron – A Quiet Place. She co-ordinates the Early Years Behaviour Team for Liverpool Local Education Authority from where she is seconded out to develop A Quiet Place. She is particularly interested in: holistic education and its practical implementation within mainstream education; complementary therapy and its application to a broad range of conditions of the mind, body and spirit; and parenting and the delicate issues surrounding the successful initial engagement and long-term sustainability of support for families under stress.

Articles by Penelope Moon

  1. A Quiet Place

    Listed in mind matters

    Penelope Moon, a professional hypno-psychotherapist and teacher and founder member of Cheiron – A Quiet Place, presents a brief but informative overview of the principles beh...

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