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Paul Newham has worked over the past 30 years as a trainer and facilitator, manager and mentor, using artistic and creative activities to nurture independence and enhance the health and wellbeing of highly vulnerable people. His clients and students have included young adults with special educational needs and disabilities, elderly people with significant neurocognitive disorders, and communities disenfranchised by social exclusion. He is particularly noted for his contribution to the Expressive Arts Therapies and has trained practitioners from multiple disciplines. His text books are required reading on professional courses. He may be contacted on Tel: + 44 (0) 7392 463330; paul@paulnewham.com    www.paulnewham.com

Articles by Paul Newham

  1. Voice Movement Therapy - Healing Mind and Body with Sound and Song

    Listed in sound and music

    Almost every person carries the burden of some sort of hurt either physical or psychological. Often this hurt has been carried forward from a traumatic event or situation. The role ...

  2. The Skinless Path to Spirit

    Listed in healing

    Twenty Years ago, I published an article Voice Movement Therapy - Healing Mind and Body with Sound and Song - in Issue 28 of Positive Health magazine. I was feeling positive. I wa...

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