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Pamela Ann Sinclair is an Advanced practitioner of The EMF Balancing Technique, a Human & Universal Energy practitioner and gives creative meditation workshops and Indian Head and Face Massage. She has practices at home in Bishop's Stortford and at therapy centres in Hertford, Ware and Hitchin, as well as other venues in Hertfordshire and Essex. She can be contacted on Tel: 01279 324 230; Mobile: 07720 435 475; Calmclair@ntlworld.com www.EMFBalancingTechnique.co.uk

Articles by Pamela Ann Sinclair

  1. The EMF Balancing Technique

    Listed in energy medicine

    The electromagnetic fields (EMF) that encircle and permeate the human body are known as our energy anatomy... it is a network of interconnecting energy strands and our personal gate...

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