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Nevsah Karamehmet is a spiritual leader committed to enlightening others; her focus is optimal breathing for improving health and performance. Nevsah is a recognized authority who combines science and spirituality for physical, emotional, mental development and for enhancing psychological well-being. She is a pioneer in helping people learn functional breathing habits and a motivational speaker on the subject of consciousness and breathing.  She teaches about staying in the ‘now’ through breathing, in her Miracle Courses.

As a best-selling author, a faculty member of the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences, a consultant to Better Physiology, Ltd., the Founding President of the Breath Coaching Federation, the national representative of International Breathwork Foundation, Nevsah has won numerous awards in her field and has been an inspiration to millions. She has been doing breath coaching for more than 20 years, established breath coaching as a profession in Turkey, trained thousands of people from around the world in breath coaching, and has inspired more than 100,000 people in her lectures, workshops, seminars, and private tutorials to learn breathing for improving their health and performance. Her recent features have been in Hello Magazine and Elle Magazine. She may be contacted via  press@abstractpr.com   bilgi@nevsah.com    https://www.nevsah.com/nevsah.html

Articles by Nevsah Karamehmet

  1. Benefits of Breath Analysis and Breath Coaching

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    Breath Coaching is a highly evolved and revolutionary approach to all breathwork. How? Because over the years, scientists who have invested a great deal of research into breath, hav...

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