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Neil Velleman BSc Hons MCSP is a Back Pain expert, IDD Therapy provider and owner of Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants in Woodford, Essex. He has worked in the NHS at North Middlesex and Chase Farm hospitals in London plus Leeds General Infirmary in Yorkshire. With post graduate training in McKenzie Therapy, Orthopaedic Medicine and Acupuncture, he has gained a deep and varied clinical experience over 26 years that includes work with dancers, athletes, and the general public. He may be contacted on Tel: 020 8504 0478; info@atkinsphysio.com        www.atkinsphysio.com/

Articles by Neil Velleman

  1. Ouch! I Think I’ve Slipped a Disc...

    Listed in back pain

    A herniated or ‘slipped’ disc is amongst the most debilitating of back pain problems - sometimes with added symptoms such as the grinding leg pain of sciatica. There are many levels...

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