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Neil Tomlinson is the Founder Director, AQUAPAX Mineral Water. In 2006, he founded JDW Ltd as the brand owner of Aquapax, applying a proven outsourced business model, delegating all non-strategic management functions to external best of breed providers. Aquapax highlights the folly of pretentious glass bottles and demonstrates a pragmatic 'safe' alternative to single use plastic bottles. In addition to AQUAPAX, Neil works closely with the leadership team of Haywards Heath Business Association, helping optimize fellow member businesses. Helping ‘pay it forward’ led him to become an External Director on the Board of the University of Sussex Student Union. Prior to that, it was the responsibility for Education Liaison, helping grow the Sussex Institute of Directors for 6+ years with the same motive.Neil may be contacted via  hello@aquapaxwater.com   www.aquapaxwater.com

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  1. Pure Water Aquapax Evolution

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    The human body is mostly made of water and your body absolutely relies on water to function properly. Yet, how many of us are as discerning of the ‘natural’ quality of the water we ...

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