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Natasha Cornelius BA (Hons) Dip NT Dip Nat trained in Nutrition and Naturopathy at the Naturopathic College of Medicine in London and holds a BA degree in research and social science. Natasha adopts a functional medicine approach in her practice, employing up to date research papers and scientific evidence on nutritional research with the vitalism and principles of naturopathy. She believes that nutrition really does have the power to make a great difference to our health and that it lies at the heart of optimal wellbeing.  She is a Registered Nutritional Therapist & Naturopath mBANT mANP and a Registered Nutritionist rCNHC.  Natasha may contacted on Tel: 07853 355204; info@naturohealthnutrition.co.uk     www.naturohealthnutrition.co.uk/

Articles by Natasha Cornelius

  1. Fibre What is it, What does it do – How to Meet our Daily Requirements

    Listed in nutrition

    Fibre - hardly headline news you would think but lately it’s been in the spotlight more than usual. All this media focused attention grabbing has been the result of the publication...

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