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Mr Péter Bujtár (MD, MSc bio.eng., DMD), Hungarian born, currently practices Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Péter studied (medicine, biomedical engineering and dentistry) in Budapest, Hungary and EU countries (as Norway, Germany and France), then went on to further specialized studies in Oulu, Finland where he is working towards a PhD in Biomechanical investigation of the facial skeleton and load-bearing reconstructions, to obtain novel tissue engineering structures for regenerative medicine. After many years of study, work experience and undertaking of numerous courses, Péter has a vast amount of medical knowledge and has written several papers, contributed to publications, received awards and undertaken many research studies. He regularly performs lectures and training around his work. Over the last few years, in the UK Péter has continued his training and work in hospitals and universities. Péter is committed to helping people suffering from illnesses and diseases, his company Bujtar Medical Ltd uses medicinal mushroom extracts in supplements to help relieve and treat sufferers, see their website: www.varga-med.co.uk

Articles by Mr Péter Bujtár

  1. Medicinal Mushrooms: Natural Supplement for Diabetics

    Listed in diabetes

    Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disease where the body has increased blood sugar levels due to two reasons, in the majority of cases: the regulatory anabolic hormone, the insu...

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