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Michael Sellar is the editor of Enzyme Digest, a quarterly newsletter on nutrition and complementary medicine for health professionals. For subscriptions Tel: 0845 1300 776. He is also the proprietor of www.N16health.com a complementary health resource for the residents of Stoke Newington in north London and interested people worldwide. He can be contacted by email at: sellar@blueyonder.co.uk

Articles by Michael Sellar

  1. Therapeutic Properties of Systemic Oral Enzymes

    Listed in nutrition

    This article illustrates how taking enzymes has assisted sportsmen both by speeding up recovery following injury and by reducing the level of pain, inflammation and stiffness.

  2. Evolving Story of Vitamin D

    Listed in nutrition

    This article looks into the benefits and research history of Vitamin D which, the author says, is not really a vitamin because it has to be metabolically activated before it can be ...

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