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Michael Banov MD is a Harvard-trained, triple board-certified adult, adolescent, and addiction Psychiatrist and Medical director of Northwest Behavioral Medicine and Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia. More detailed information on how to determine the right time to quit antidepressants -- as well as how to do it safely -- is in Dr Banov's new book, Taking Antidepressants: Your Comprehensive Guide to Starting, Staying On, and Safely Quitting (Sunrise River Press, 2010). Find out more at www.takingantidepressants.com


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  1. 8 Steps to Take When Considering Antidepressants

    Listed in depression

    This article give a brief, focused list of things to do before deciding to take (or not to take) antidepressants. The author is a Harvard-trained, triple board-certified psychiatri...

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