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Maxima Skelton set up The Healthy House with her husband Don as a family business to help others with allergies and chemical sensitivities. The Healthy House provides products for asthma. eczema, hay fever, chemical sensitivity, dust mite, pet and mould allergies, electrical sensitivity and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Products to combat electrostress and to relieve some of the symptoms of electrosensitivity are a growing part of the business. She may be contacted on Tel: 01453 752216; maxima@healthy-house.co.uk www.healthy-house.co.uk

Articles by Maxima Skelton

  1. How Multiple Allergies can Devastate our Lives or Make Them Healthier - Emma's Story

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    Emma was a restless and overactive baby from the day she was born. Often screaming, unable to sleep and in discomfort from severe digestive problems, we tried everything to get her ...

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