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Matthew Rochford, BA, is Senior Instructor at The Devon School of Tai Chi Chuan. He has been studying Tai Chi and Chi Kung for over ten years and runs The Devon School of Tai Chi Chuan (part of The Wu Kung Federation), which provides courses to businesses and healing centres throughout the UK and Europe. He is one of the few Tai Chi teachers who actually hold a professional qualification (from Peter Warr, one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK). Matthew's work has been featured on BBC radio and Carlton TV. He has taught at The Mind Body Spirit Festival, is presently working with The Gaia Visions Retreat Centre on Zante, is a director of www.bluewatermusic.net and is pioneering a Tai Chi programme for prisons. For further information about upcoming courses, please contact Matthew on Tel: 01364 631 545; www.devontaichi.co.uk

Articles by Matthew Rochford

  1. Tai Chi for Health and Rejuvenation

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    Matthew Rochford, who has a professional qualification in Tai Chi and runs The Devon School of Tai Chi Chuan (part of the Wu Kung Federation), outlines the principles of Tai Chi, ex...

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