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Dr Mary Cameron obtained her Ph.D. in Medical Entomology in 1987. She has carried out research on a range of insect vectors of disease and her current area of interest is the control of house dust mites to relieve atopic conditions. Since the birth of her baby, she works part-time as a Research Fellow at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and is a member of the panel of experts for the Public Health Advisory Service (PHAS). The PHAS has produced a "House dust mite and allergy" advice line which provides information about how house dust mites affect our lives and how they can be controlled. It gives practical and unbiased advice on the products available, how well they work and value for money. Contact details for reputable manufacturers and suppliers are also listed. Tel: 0891 600 240 (current BT premium rate charges are 50p/min).

Articles by Mary Cameron Ph.D

  1. Prevention of Atopic Asthma

    Listed in asthma

    Asthma induced by allergy to house dust mites (HDM) is a world-wide problem.1 Despite advancement in our under-standing of and safer medications, patterns prevalence the UK for mos...

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