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Marjolein Wolf is a 35-year-old journalist, writing freelance for Dutch magazines about spirituality. A Raja Yoga practitioner for many years, she is particularly interested in ancient Hindu philosophy. She has travelled to India five times, visiting several ashrams, gurus and spiritual teachers. She has published various articles about these trips. Previous interviews by Marjolein in Positive Health have been: in Issue 21 – Indian Yoga Teacher Sukumar Shetty; and in Issue 31 – Yoga and Vedanta Teacher Shastri.

Articles by Marjolein Wolf

  1. Pratima - Female Spiritual Teacher

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    Pratima was born as Michele Mumford in Liverpool in 1952 to two University Professors. She was brought up in England and received her B.A. Hons. in Philosophy and Comparative Religi...

  2. Interview with Yoga and Vedanta Teacher Shastri

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    Interviewed by Marjolein Wolf, Vedanta is a philosophical tendency based on the Vedas. These books are the last part of the Upanishads, the holy scriptures of Hinduism.

  3. Interview with Indian Yoga Teacher Sukumar Shetty

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    Interviewed by Marjolein Wolf Sukumar Shetty is 40 years old and lives in Samse, a small village in Karnataka, South-India. He was educated at the Vivekenanda Kendra, which is locat...

Book reviews by Marjolein Wolf

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