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Mandy Nicholson BA is a Creative Genius Consultant, Artist and Author who helps creative female entrepreneurs to launch, grow and scale their business and make more money. Mandy is on a mission to influence change in the creative space by teaching business and marketing skills to women who tend to remain in a place of low income and inconsistent cash flow. Mandy’s clients are transforming their businesses using the new skills they learn on her signature program. The Creative Business Academy houses all of Mandy’s programs and teaching. She shares free introductory pieces of training via her website: www.mandynicholson.co.uk (look for the FREEBIES tab under courses).

For free access to two pieces of training about nailing your niche and her 8-step creative change blueprint, click here: https://bit.ly/creativefemale

Articles by Mandy Nicholson

  1. The Healing Effects Of Creativity – Trauma, Bereavement and Developmental Disabilities

    Listed in healing

    Knowing the healing effects of creativity, and actively using them were at odds with me for decades. Having successfully achieved my BA in Fine Art, I thought that I would just walk...

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