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Dr Liliana Stringer, PhD., MA, BA, UK CPH (Dip), MPNLP, BMA is Russian in origin and studied at Moscow State University and has trained in psycho-hypnotherapy, NLP and homoeopathy. Dr Stringer's main interest is in the interconnection between mind-body-spirit. Her work is based on the understanding of the intimate ties between the laws of the Universe (Spirit), Goals and Tasks on Earth (Mind) and the body creation (Ayurveda). She studied Ayurveda under the guidance of Dr Aleem Moulana, Head of Unani Department, General Hospital (Ayurveda), Borella, Colombo. She studied native herbalism and the Ifa (West African original philosophy) in Nigeria. She now heads Ibis International Corporation, a company dedicated to the promotion of Ayurvedic principles, importing Ayurveda Products from Sri Lanka. She is on the board of the Ayurvedic Trade Association UK. She can be contacted on 0171-286 3326

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  1. The Principles of Ayurveda

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    We consist of the Universe and vice versa. The philosophical system that is the basis of the Vedanta is not so difficult to understand because it rings a bell within our soul. That ...

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