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Lawrence Leyton has his own hypnotherapy clinic, treating patients each week for various phobias and addictions. He is trained in various aspects of clinical hypnosis, and is a neuro-linguistic and reiki practitioner. He is also a professional broadcaster and investigator of the paranormal, with many appearances on TV and radio shows, involving, in particular, past-life regression of celebrity guests. In addition, he is a motivational speaker with a particular focus on accelerated learning, relationship-building skills, heightening mental performance and strengthening communications. He is currently writing his second book based on a new unique system of life skills. Further Information There are 5 CDs in the range at present and plans for another five in the near future. The current titles are: 'Stop smoking for life'; 'Manage your stress'; 'Control your weight'; 'Eliminate your panic attacks'; 'Improve and ignite your relationship'. You can order any one of the CDs by phoning the Trance-Form order line on 0870 4423474; Lawrence Leyton can be contacted on tranceu@aol.com.

Articles by Lawrence Leyton

  1. High Impact Hypnosis

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    High impact hypnosis is a new form of hypnosis. It is self-administered and gives the patient total control of the healing process.The key objective is to take away any resistance t...

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