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Kit Ford-Young has been practising Body Harmony since 1991 and teaching it for seven years. Kit originally trained as a nurse at St Mary's Hospital, London; after qualifying in 1979 she worked in trauma care and Accident Department nursing before going into nurse education in 1983. An established Reiki Master, teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho since 1992, she also works with Australian shell essences. She holds qualifications in various complementary therapies, teaching and a post-registration honours degree in nursing. Further Information The currently accredited teachers in the UK are Kit Ford-Young and Kate Verney who collaborate as Body Harmony UK. There are often courses with visiting teachers. Kit can be contacted on Tel: 01458 833250 or Caboodle@compuserve.com Kate can be contacted on Tel: 01989 770787 or kateverney@tinyworld.co.uk

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  1. Body Harmony

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    Body Harmony is a form of hands-on bodywork, based on listening to, and being guided by, a client body responses. By combining careful observation with good listening skills and sen...

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