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Kelsang Chönden was raised a Christian but lost 'the plot' in his teens. While studying Economics at University he also studied the effects on his mind of taking various hallucinogenic substances. Results, a 2.2 and a lot of confusion. By the age of 27 he felt he had tried it all and was disappointed. Going along to an evening meditation class in Nottingham changed everything. A few weeks later he moved in to Madhyamaka Centre in Yorkshire. The more he found out about Buddha's teachings the better it got. After three years he asked for and was granted ordination. Now ten years a monk, he has been the Resident Teacher of Amitabha Centre for four years and lives at the Centre in Bristol with its twenty residents. He can honestly say that he has never been better. He can be contacted on chonden@meditationinbristol.org

Articles by Kelsang Chönden

  1. Buddhism for Everyday Life

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Buddhism is all about being happy and it works well. Everybody, everyday has the wish to be happy and free from suffering. However, very few people fulfil this fundamental wish. Man...

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